Our region Noord-Holland (Noord) has a large number of innovative machine builders. From developers and builders of high-tech wheel construction machines, barn cleaning robots and machines for processing seeds or fruit, to precision equipment for blood analysis or scientific experiments.

Smart Industry

Little is known that these companies are among the leaders in their niche markets worldwide. They all play an important role in the development and application of Smart Industry (in short: the digitization of production chains).

'smart' machine building

Despite the wide variety of products and markets, these companies have a number of similar challenges and issues in the field of ‘smart’ mechanical engineering. By joining forces, working together and innovating in TechValley, these companies can future-proof their products, processes and services and thus maintain or even expand their leading positions. Why would you invent the wheel on your own?

TechValley is a partnership that originated at the initiative of more than 35 North Holland machine builders (the TechnoSpitsen network), Koninklijke Metaalunie and FME. Partners in TechValley are Inholland Alkmaar University of Applied Sciences and Noord-Holland Noord Development Company. The daily project management is in the hands of José Laan and Sandra Verweij of Parbleu. The aim of TechValley is an innovative and future-proof North Holland machine building industry.

The Red Thread

TechValley focuses on 11 concrete, ambitious and even groundbreaking innovation projects of participating companies. The Smart Industry themes of Data, Robotics & Vision, Predictive Maintenance and Smart Earning Models form the common thread. The 11 projects function as learning and reference projects for Inholland and for all 35 companies in the TechnoSpitsen network. In innovation teams, companies, lecturers, lecturers and students work together and experiment with new technologies and applications. In special working groups, participants exchange knowledge, insights and experiences. The lessons learned are jointly evaluated and incorporated into Inholland’s teaching material.


Smartly linking research and education to concrete innovation issues of regional manufacturing companies creates a unique opportunity for Inholland Alkmaar to further shape practical education, especially within the TOi domain (Technology, Design and Information Science). TechValley offers students high-quality and challenging assignments at beautiful North Holland frontrunner companies. Companies receive an injection of knowledge on relevant Smart Industry themes and with TechValley put themselves in the spotlight with technical talent and potential partners. Their projects are supported in a practical way from TechValley, so that intended innovations can be realized better and faster.

Walter van


Development company NHN is the secretary of this project, which is co-financed by the European Union and the European Fund for Regional Development and the Province of Noord-Holland.




De continuïteit van een bedrijf, vereniging of stichting hangt meer dan ooit af van het adaptief vermogen van de organisatie. NHNEXT verleend toegang tot relevante, actuele en inspirerende informatie die daarbij cruciaal is.


Nuchterheid is een vaak genoemde, en geroemde, eigenschap van de bewoners van Noord-Holland Noord. De keerzijde is dat regio vaak bescheiden is over de eigen kwaliteiten.

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