About NHN

NHN Development Agency is the driving force behind the regional economy in Noord-Holland Noord. We work for the municipalities in Noord-Holland Noord and the Province of Noord-Holland.

Building progress together

We know what is going on in the region, know the challenges and embrace ambitions. On a daily basis,  NHN Development Agency is committed to strengthening the region and its business climate. We bring together investors, governments, entrepreneurs and researchers to boost the economy and employment.

  1. Support of businesses
    We support entrepreneurs who establish, relocate or expand in the region in numerous matters. We act as the central point of contact in the region for every entrepreneur who contributes to regional development.
  2. Business climate
    A good business climate is a healthy basis for economic growth. Development company NHN contributes to this by focusing on area development, restructuring and innovation.
  3. Projects
    NHN initiates and participates in projects that help entrepreneurs grow and innovate. In many cases we find (European) subsidies for the projects, and we work together with international partners.