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Development agency NHN

Development Agency Noord-Holland Noord (NHN) is ready to assist and support anyone wishing to start up a company, invest or develop business in Noord-Holland Noord, the region north of Amsterdam. NHN is at the center of economic activities, bringing together entrepreneurs, investors and government authorities. NHN assists international companies that are considering locating in Holland. We can help you making a choice for a new location with practical information, location advice, fact finding trips and introducing you to potential investors and government authorities.


Noord-Holland Noord lives from and for energy. We deploy extensive knowledge and strong infrastructure in the transition to sustainable energy, such as (offshore) wind energy and biomass gasification.


The distraction of the Netherlands – and Europe. Noord-Holland Noord feeds the world. Sustainable, responsible cultivation, sowing and harvesting with the help of innovative agriculture and horticulture.

Life science & health

The region’s entrepreneurs and knowledge institutes are internationally acclaimed for their innovative solutions in the field of Life Science & Health. Noord-Holland Noord is the national and international hotbed for new sustainable tech and innovation companies.


Europe’s largest data centers are springing up just a stone’s throw from Amsterdam. Inexpensive sustainable  energy, high-quality  infrastructure, and oceans of space: The world’s digital elite are discovering Noord-Holland Noord in de  Amsterdam rural area.

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