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Noord-Holland Noord leads the way in the Netherlands in the field of knowledge development and the application of sustainable energy.

Noord-Holland Noord has it all

This is due to its progressive nature paired with all the advantages required for innovation and sustainable enterprise: wind, water, sun and gas.

Add the healthy business climate and intensive collaboration among the business community, knowledge institutes, educational institutions and governmental agencies and you have got a region that is always one step ahead in the energy transition.

Fossil fuels are being phased out gradually in favour of alternative sustainable energy sources. The geographic advantages are being fully utilized – in addition to offshore wind, wave and tidal energy, the region is a forerunner in the field of green grass, hydrogen and biogasification.

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GO!-NH Accelerator

GO!-NH is an accelerator (growth acceleration program) of the province of Noord-Holland. These specially developed programs support start-ups and SMEs in bringing innovative products and services to the market and scaling up in the field of sustainability.
CircularGreen energySMEs

Maritime Drone Initiative (MDI)

The North Sea is being used more and more intensively by, among other things, the construction of wind farms, sustainable energy generation at sea and busier shipping traffic. More supervision is necessary in this regard. Maritime drones are a solution for this.

Incubator Sustainable Energy Alkmaar (IDEA)

In Alkmaar, the Incubator Renewable Energy (IDEA) has been active for several years now. IDEA connects education, research, entrepreneurs and government.


LOGiC is a project in which international parties are developing an off-grid hybrid energy system for communities in more remote areas, which ensures lower CO2 emissions.
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