Maritime Drone Initiative (MDI)

The North Sea is being used more and more intensively by, among other things, the construction of wind farms, sustainable energy generation at sea and busier shipping traffic. More supervision is necessary in this regard. Maritime drones are a solution for this.

For this reason, the Maritime Drone Initiative Noord-Holland (MDI) cluster was established in Den Helder. An important facility of MDI is the Mobile Field Lab Maritime Drones. The Field Lab consists of two containers that are set up as an instruction annex briefing room and maintenance workshop. They are available during test and demonstration flights in the region with (maritime) drones. 

Thanks to this initiative, drone companies will have the opportunity to further develop their drones. The MDI has Den Helder Airport as its home base. In and around this location it is possible to carry out tests and flights and to give market demonstrations. With the Field Lab, flight results can be recorded from any sea or land location in the region. By attracting start-ups and scale-ups, MDI contributes to the ambition to allow more people to work, live and do business in Noord-Holland Noord. In addition, it fulfills the need to create more jobs in the field of knowledge and technology, which younger generations are attracted to.


Ocean Energy Resources Magazine

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Livestream ‘Noord-Holland, your ideal landbase for Offshore Wind’

The newly installed Dutch government has started with an ambitious coalition agreement. In the existing roadmap 2023-2030, 11.5 GW Offshore Wind is planned. Recently an additional 10 GW for 2030 was announced. On top of this, the new coalition agreement, stated an extra ambition of 6 GW until 2030. Therefore a total of 27.5 GW by 2030 is planned. Most of these wind farms will be located off the coast of North Holland, where we fully embrace these new opportunities and together work on capitalizing them.
Investment opportunities

Hydrogen Noord-Holland Noord

Our region has a favourable enabling environment for hydrogen deployment given its supporting policies, its current investments in hydrogen research and in pilot- and demonstration projects as well as in gas transport and distribution infrastructure.

Biomass and gasification technology

Entrepreneurs, researchers and government authorities work together on sustainable and innovative green gas initiatives in this North Holland business cluster. The focus is on technological developments in the field of biomass gasification and broad application of the gases produced.

North Sea Energy Gateway

Our geographical position is the primary gateway to the North Sea. Den Helder has been recognised as a sheltered haven since Napoleon times. In the last 40 years it has grown to become an important offshore hub for the Central and Southern North Sea.