North Sea Energy Gateway

Our geographical position is the primary gateway to the North Sea. Den Helder has been recognised as a sheltered haven since Napoleon times. In the last 40 years it has grown to become an important offshore hub for the Central and Southern North Sea.

North Sea Energy Gateway has offshore experts in every sector

We have 40 years experience as an offshore hub and have more than 200 companies active in oil & gas, offshore wind,  decommissioning and solar and tidal energy.

Our service infrastructure is a powerful tool. The close proximity of the port, the local airport and helicopter hub, and more than 200 leading service companies, suppliers and main contractors to the offshore energy, renewables and maritime industry, as well as renowned knowledge institutes and higher educational facilities, enable us to offer an unrivalled combination.

This strong collaboration provides an full-service offshore hub. All services needed are in the close proximity of the harbor and airport and helicopter hub.

This great ecosystem provides everything that expanding companies need. We have the know-how and structure in place to deliver tailor-made offshore services. This strong collaborative approach helps your business save time and money.

  • A port, airport, extensive supply chain and respected knowledge centres on the doorstep.
  • An unrivalled offshore and renewables hub.
  • Unique collaboration results in time and cost efficiencies.

Offshore Exploration & Production

North Sea Energy Gateway is the offshore service and logistic centre of the Central & Southern North Sea in The Netherlands. Den Helder has been an established hub for the Oil & Gas industry for 40 years. 99% of all platforms in this part of the North Sea are serviced through Den Helder. Not only does Den Helder have the port and airport with the shortest sailing and flying times to the largest number of platforms, North Sea Energy Gateway is also at the heart of an extensive supply chain network.