Biomass and gasification technology

Entrepreneurs, researchers and government authorities work together on sustainable and innovative green gas initiatives in this North Holland business cluster. The focus is on technological developments in the field of biomass gasification and broad application of the gases produced.

InVesta, room for pilots and demos

There are many companies in the Netherlands that have ambitions in the field of biomass gasification and green gas. It can be difficult to further develop and test concepts or prototypes. Many exciting innovations are not developed to end product stage, because entrepreneurs are unable to create the right preconditions for successful introduction. InVesta offers a suitable, affordable and well-equipped environment for demonstration and testing. 

Entrepreneurs also often struggle to plug in to knowledge parties and the education sector. Financing can also be a problem, because investors usually come on board once pilots and demos have proven successful. Thanks to an integrated approach (knowledge, coaching, contacts, access to capital, services and work space) InVesta helps entrepreneurs overcome these obstacles, so that ideas can become succesfull quickly.