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Agriport A7, perfect for large scale greenhouse development

Agriport A7 is a 500 ha project location designed for large scale greenhouse development. Since the start in 2005 over 600 million Euros is invested in horticulure and energy infrastructure.

The avaible land, energy infrastructure and the vicinity of Amsterdam are the most important reasons why firms invest in this area. There are good road connections with Schiphol Airport, Rotterdam harbor and Germany. Even in peak rush hours, the traveling time from Amsterdam to Agriport is less than 30 minutes by car. But there is more. Situated in the Wieringermeer Polder, an area of 20.000 hectares which was reclaimed by the sea during the '30 of last century, visitors cannot fail to be impressed by some of the glasshouses currently being erected. Some of them are as large as 50 hectares, growing to become 100 hectares or more.

Best climate

It is not surprising that there is so much interest in the project. For starters, the area is wedged between the North Sea and the inland IJssel Lake, a location which gereally leads to cooler summers and slightly warmer winters. Other advantages include higher light intensity compared to other areas of The Netherlands. This is an important point when you consider that 1% extra light leads to 1% extra production. For example, Agriport has an 8% higher light intensity than the eastern part of The Netherlands.

Energy production and water purification

At the businesspark, companies are stimulated to make intelligent use of each other's knowledge, residuals and byproducts. Different kind of agricultural and logistic companies are brought together and interconnected within the agropark. This not only enables the companies to supply food, but clever processing of residual and by products also create opportunities for new agricultural services such as energy production and water purification.
One company uses the waste material of another as a raw material and a source of energy. This is not only sustainable for the environment, but also reduces the costs for the parties involved. Already a number of road transport contractors and processing companies are housed on the park. The area also encompasses a weighbridge, restaurant and petrol station.

Glassfiber connection

Agriport A7 is developed by entrepreneurs. Therefore, it has a modern, but sober design, with large lots for companies who need space and glassfiber connection for high bandwith datatraffic.
The businesspark is designed from the base of its largest asset: space. You can choose between rectangular lots of 3000 m2 up to 10 hectares or even more. We do the best we can to adjust the dimension of the lot to your wishes.


Agriport A7 - Jack Kranenburg, commercial director
Agriport A7 - largest greenhouse project in the Netherlands