Quality of life

Noord-Holland Noord has a high quality of life and a historical, open culture

Open culture

The Netherlands has long had an open culture. Our international focus, tax advantages and business climate makes it easy for foreign companies to integrate. The Dutch are entrepreneurial, tolerant team players. Our open culture is very much in evidence in the northern North Holland region. The history of the Dutch East India Company still lives on among the residents of towns like Hoorn and Enkhuizen. With our keen entrepreneurial spirit and openness to the rest of the world, newcomers are warmly welcomed.

Excellent quality of life

Noord-Holland Noord, the best Holland has to offer. Moulded by our ancestors through unremitting labour. Windmills, dykes, polders, historical and modern villages and cities. The rich nature gives the area colour. We are happy to share our part of the world with you. Get to know the endless possibilities and it’s friendly, welcoming and straightforward inhabitants.