Incubator Sustainable Energy Alkmaar (IDEA)

In Alkmaar, the Incubator Renewable Energy (IDEA) has been active for several years now. IDEA connects education, research, entrepreneurs and government.

The IDEA incubator helps entrepreneurs to bring innovative sustainable ideas to the market.

IDEA is located in “Gebouw C” of Inholland Alkmaar and works closely with this university of applied sciences to link technology students to innovation and research.

Network & Community

IDEA is a meeting place for parties that want to get started with their innovative ideas. Everyone can learn from others about which opportunities are available, which subsidies are possible, and which supplier is good (or not).

We do not finance your business ourselves, but we do know financers and know which parties can help you with this. In addition, we support you in developing your company, making financing easier and faster to find.

But IDEA is more than a network. It is also a place where you meet like-minded people who want to get the same from their (working) lives. As an entrepreneur you can sometimes feel alone, which is why it is nice to be a member of a club of people with the same passion, challenge and energy.


IDEA is just one of the renewable energy initiatives in the region. With projects such as Ambigo, Heat to Power, Investa, TerraTechnica and LOGIC, we are also developing the Noord-Holland Noord region together with our partners as the knowledge center and test and demonstration area for sustainable innovation.

Role NHN:

NHN is secretary of the board and ensures a good embedding of IDEA in the region and links with other sustainable initiatives. In addition, NHN contributes to marketing and communication and supports start-ups in exploring financing options.


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