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Businesses in Region North of Amsterdam have strong R&D divisions in key sectors such as Energy, Agri & Food and Offshore & Water. Combined with its existing knowledge and science institutes, the region is firmly focused on innovation.

Energy Centre Netherlands (ECN)

ECN is the largest energy research centre in the Netherlands. It develops high-level knowledge and technology for the transition to sustainable energy systems. Its specialist fields are solar energy, wind energy, biomass, coal and environmental research, energy in the built environment, hydrogen and clean fossil fuels, energy efficiency in industry, and policy studies.


Joint Research Centre

The mission of the Institute for Energy, part of the European Commission's Joint Research Centre, is to provide scientific and technical support for the conception, development, implementation and monitoring of energy-related community policies. Special emphasis is placed on the security of the energy supply, sustainable and safe energy production, and environmental compliance.


Wind turbine materials and constructions (WMC)

The WMC (Wind turbine Materials and Constructions) Knowledge Centre carries out research into materials, components and structures for wind turbines. What was once the WMC Group of the Delft University of Technology continues its work as the new foundation WMC Knowledge Centre, set up by the Delft University of Technology and the Energy Centre Netherlands (ECN). The nearby Wieringermeer Wind Turbine Testing Park (EWTW) allows manufacturers to test offshore wind turbines in the 3 to 6 MW range.


The Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ)

The Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ) is an independent research institute affiliated with the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO). Founded in 1876, NIOZ is one of the oldest major oceanographic institutions in Europe. Its mission is to conduct multidisciplinary marine research into coastal and shelf seas and the open ocean through close cooperation between physicists, chemists, geologists and biologists. Wherever possible, the institute engages in policy-focused and society-driven research. At present NIOZ employs 250 staff. To fulfil its mission, NIOZ has laboratories, major experimental facilities and four research vessels for sea-going research.



ENDURES is derived from ENDUrance by RESearch, in other words, research for extending the life of materials is at the core of their professional activities. ENDURES B.V. is a 'centre of excellence' on the field of (maritime) corrosion, antifouling, Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC), failure analysis and integrity of protective coatings.


Wageningen IMARES

Wageningen IMARES, the Institute for Marine Resources and Ecosystem Studies, specialises in strategic and applied marine ecological research. Products and services include field studies, real-life scale experiments, exploratory studies at laboratory level, data management and modelling. Headquartered in Wageningen, IMARES has locations in Den Helder, Den Hoorn (Texel), IJmuiden and Yerseke.


NRG (Nuclear Research & Consultancy Group)

NRG offers a wide range of high-quality services to energy utilities, government organisations and various industries, including the nuclear and medical sectors. NRG is a major producer of medical isotopes in Europe.