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European School Bergen

As one of the original Type 1 European Schools, we have for over half a century successfully provided a languages-rich, differentiated, all-round quality education from kindergarten to university entrance for the children of employees at the Joint Research Centre Petten and other institutions of the European Union.

This educational opportunity is also available for all children in the local and international community who can find in the European Schools a system flexible enough to meet their current needs, and in preparation for the future.

Providing schooling in three language sections, Dutch, French or English, with subjects taught in the second language, and a strong emphasis on Sciences and Mathematics, this unique and challenging education culminates in the highly recognised European Baccalaureate qualification which provides access to a wide range of universities in Europe and beyond.

Beyond academic achievement we encourage young people to develop other skills as part of a caring “one school, one learning community” educated in an international, multilingual atmosphere of tolerance and mutual respect in a rapidly expanding European model of education based on a series of core values and competences for lifelong learning to prepare for global citizenship. http://esbergen.eu/.

Download here the brochure of the European School