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Wind, water, solar power, biogas - the northern North Holland region is developing into the premier center for new technology and business in the field of sustainable energy.

The northern North Holland region takes an important role in the Dutch energy sector. The city of Den Helder, for instance, is known for being the center of the offshore oil and gas industry; and the northern North Holland region is a leader in the Dutch wind energy sector. The soil covers one of Europe's largest gas storage facilities, of strategic importance for the security of the gas supply in northwestern Europe. Wind turbines that will generate 500 MW are being installed in the Wieringermeer polder. With knowledge institutes like the Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN), the NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, and the Knowledge Centre WMC, the region is a breeding ground for innovative developments in the energy sector.

Outstanding location

The northern North Holland region is an outstanding location for the development of sustainable energy. You just have to look at the landscape to see why: We have plenty of water, wind, and sun - in fact, this region has more sunshine hours than anywhere else in the Netherlands. Offshore wind farms, the City of the Sun (Stad van de Zon) building project, dikes that generate energy - these are all visible expressions of this "energy region." The northern North Holland region has a very strategically useful location, at a junction of international gas, electricity, and communication networks and just thirty minutes by car from the Dutch capital city of Amsterdam and Schiphol Amsterdam Airport.

Because of the strong agri & food sector, there are excellent opportunities for crossovers between this sector and the energy sector. The energy multinational TAQA has invested €1 billion in its gas storage and processing installation and is working together with the municipality of Alkmaar to develop the Energy Innovation Park, a business cluster focusing on energy development.