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Bejo Zaden

From carrots and cabbage to fennel and asparagus, vegetables are part of our daily food. They are essential for a healthy lifestyle. Professional growers all around the world provide that. Every day. With our vegetable seeds. We breed the varieties with passion, deliver the seeds and give advice. We are at the base of an international, healthy, growing business. Always down to earth, our people make the difference.

Every new variety is a cross of manual labour and high-tech solutions

We introduce new varieties year after year. Every time, these vegetables become tastier and healthier. Varieties which are more resistant to diseases. Crops which deliver higher yields. The basis is breeding. Thrilling years of breeding precede the introduction of a new, commercial variety. It is the cross-pollination of science and progressive technology with patient and loving manual labour.

Quality is our product

Our assortment consists of more than 50 vegetable crops and over 1000 different varieties. Every batch of seeds that we deliver meets the highest quality requirements. That is Bejo quality. Basically, quality is our product. In everything we do quality is our top priority, at every department and with every colleague. For us, this makes perfect sense.

We prefer to cultivate good people ourselves

What started out as a family business has developed into an international leading company. We are still Bejo, deeply rooted in the fertile Dutch soil and down to earth, involved, headstrong, innovative and proud of our achievements together. Next to breeding seeds, we would also like to help you cultivate your career. If you want to develop your knowledge and skills, at Bejo you get every opportunity to grow.

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