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Daycare centre Rapsodie (one of the location of Skoa) is situated in the neighbourhood Bergermeer in Alkmaar. Rapsodie offers professional daycare for baby’s 0-2, toddlers 2-4 and schoolchildren 4-12 years old. If a child starts at Rapsodie, he or she can stay untill the age of 4 or continue with afterschool care.



(website in Dutch, by telephone and e-mail in English)

What do you need to know about Rapsodie?

* Address: Beethovensingel 3, 1817 HJ Alkmaar

* Opening hours: whole year round, 6.30-18.30 hours, shorter days are also possible

* Maximum children in the baby group: 9

* Maximum children in the toddlers group: 16

* Staff: fully trained and experienced nurses

Rapsodie is on the way to Bergen (European School) and Petten (JRC) and therefor houses many children of parents who live in Alkmaar but work in Petten or have an older child at the European School. The nurses do not speak English in the group, but experience tells us that language is never a problem.

If a child comes for example two days a week from 7.30 – 18.15 hours the monthly (bruto / gross) amount is € 722 including diapers and food. Parents might be able to get a refund from the tax office, this depends on their situation (both working, which nationality, etc.).

In the same neighbourhood Bergermeer is toddlers group Piccolo, open from 8.30 – 12.00 hours, for children aged 2 – 4. They come 2 mornings a week. During school holidays Piccolo is closed.

The monthly (bruto / gross) amount for two mornings is € 195. Also for this type of day-care parents might apply for a tax refund (if they are entitled).