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Berend Botje

At Berend Botje, our approach is to understand which knowledge and skills young children already possess. By playing, we help them to develop themselves. Berend Botje works with the Reggio Emilia pedagogical concept: the child is born rich and competent and can express itself in a 100 different languages. In this way, the child becomes the best version of itself!

Berend Botje


website in Dutch, by telephone and e-mail in English)

Pedagogical vision Berend Botje: inspired by Reggio Emilia

The pedagogical vision of Reggio Emilia is a central theme at all locations of Berend Botje. Loris Malaguzzi (1920-1994) was a teacher, philosopher and politician and inspired this pedagogical vision. The Reggio vision sees the child as rich and competent from the day it is born. Children have a hundred different languages they can use. Therefore we approach them as wise creatures, and let them play in order to develop themselves.

Daycare (0 - 4 years)

Daycare at scheduled times. Our pedagogical staff will encourage your child to discover themselves and the world around them, along with the other children. Our goal is that your child will feel safe and secure, so that the world can be discovered!

Family daycare (0 - 13 years)

Caretaking in private homes. Flexible small-scale care by a friendly and well trained person in a home and family near you. Just like at home!

Care before or after school (4 - 13 years)

Our expert staff insures that your child is inspired. Zooming in on the interest of your child and involving your child, together they decide on all kinds of fun activities.

Preschools (2 - 4 years)

Children will be encouraged to learn and discover. Our aim is to help and accompany them during their play, so they will discover the world and prepare themselves for elementary school.