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There are several childcare options in Noord-Holland Noord.


Public daycare for children aged six weeks to four years old. Centres are generally open from 8am to 6–8pm. Urban areas have a shortage so expect waiting lists.

Private daycare:

In large cities, there are private facilities offering flexible options up to 24-hour care, which are more expensive, plus international nurseries and pre-school establishments.

Pre-school/playgroups (peuterspeelzalen):

Activities and play for two to four year olds. This is often more social rather than proper daycare but it can be sufficient if you intend to work part-time.


Some employers have their own daycare arrangements or local daycare places, which can be cheaper.

After-school care:

Some daycare centres provide this for children up to 12, but it is also provided by naschoolse opvang and buitenschoolse opvang (BSO) establishments.