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Why the region north of Amsterdam is so attractive...

Why the region north of Amsterdam is so attractive for Life Science & Health companies? How globalisation, education and good living conditions are positively shaping the environment

The region North of Amsterdam is not only the home to a vast and growing number of innovative Life Science & Health companies like Curium, PallMedistad, Abacus Medicine and VSM, but also to multinationals like Microsoft, Google and Pall Life Sciences. These companies haven’t just set up shop there due to the stretched-out landscape or the accessible infrastructure, but also because of the high standard of education, the hospitality and the adaptability of the province, its governors and its residents.

Environmental geography

Flying into Schiphol Amsterdam and driving half an hour on the motorway to find yourself taking in the fresh air in a beautiful landscape with historic towns as Hoorn and Alkmaar, quint villages in the countryside, on the edge surrounded by beautiful beaches and an amazing sea with the best sunsets ever. With an advanced life science and educational environment, the region North of Amsterdam is rapidly becoming one of the most attractive and innovative economic regions in the world.

The Energy & Health Campus

Located in the dunes of the beautifully located sea village of Petten on the coast of North-Holland is the home of the Energy & Health Campus were the research and development centre for sustainable energy ECN (part of TNO, the Netherlands Organisation for applied scientific research) is situated. Also situated on the plant since the nineteen sixties is a Nuclear research reactor which is responsible for of the world’s largest production of medical isotopes. After being processed, they are supplied to hospitals all over the world where they are used to improve medical treatments and diagnostics for serious health issues related to diseases such as cancer. Every day 30.000 patient worldwide are treated with the products from the isotopes from Petten.

Together with the leading provider of nuclear medicine Curium, also situated on the Energy & Health Campus, they form a wealth of knowledge that creates better futures for patients worldwide. Both national and international employees and students will carry out research and acquire knowledge. A great learning environment as well as a great place for job opportunities. Last but not least the European Joint Research institute JRC is also located on the Energy and Health Campus and responsible for EU policy studies in energy, transport and nuclear. In Petten about 250 people work here on various subjects as low carbon and smart energy systems, energy storage and energy efficiency.

The European School of Bergen

The beautiful village of Bergen, known for its rich cultural scene, sandy beaches, historic centre and amazing villa’s is home to the European School of Bergen. It offers an international accredited education on all subjects in a range of European languages like Dutch, English, French, German and Italian for children from four until the age of eighteen. After their final exams the successful pupils are awarded a European Baccalaureate, which is recognised throughout the European Union and in many other countries.

Excellent Quality of Life

Add up all the above together with the easy lifestyle and the wide range of recreational opportunities and it is clear why the North of Amsterdam is increasingly popular to settle down and choose to leave crowed city’s with expensive housing for an affordable home with a nice garden in the region North of Amsterdam. As development agency Noord-Holland Noord (NHN) we reach out to new companies as the connecting factor between business and government. Our partner relocation agencies are specialized to help families set up in a new and comfortable home and environment that suits them best. The North of Holland feels like Home with a capital H!