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When: 12th and 13th of September 2019 Where: Alkmaar, The Netherlands (30 min. from Schiphol Airport)

The transition to a CO2-neutral energy supply is a major challenge for all sectors in the Netherlands. The supply of electricity (now 15% of the total energy supply) is relatively easy by using energy from wind and the sun. The situation is much more complexfor the remaining part of the energy consumption in the Netherlands. This takes place in sectors that are more difficult to convert from fossil energy to CO2-neutral energy. Sectors, such as the heat supply in existing buildings and, to an even greater extent, industry and (heavy) transport need a different approach. Nowadays natural gas currently plays a very important role in these sectors. Smart interplay between energy savings and the use of different forms of renewable energy sources must offer the solution. In addition to energy savings, energy efficiency and renewable sources such as sun, wind and biomass will play an important role in the sustainable energy supply in 2050. Investments in sun and wind will make electrons more sustainable, but the sustainability of molecules (gas) is lagging far behind.

Living Lab Hoogeveen

Goal of this project is to deliver a (techno-economic) blueprint and corresponding technology for the heat supply of the 80 houses in Nijstad-Oost. In this blueprint the houses are heated with 100% hydrogen (H2), based on operating with a hydrogen CV boiler. Finally, this blueprint and technology must be translatable for existing residential areas in The Netherlands.

Living Lab Alkmaar

Living Lab Alkmaar is concentrated around InVesta. InVesta is an expertise center for biomass and gasification technology. InVesta is looking for new cost-efficient technologies to accelerate the development towards large-scale commercial application of ‘syngas’ or ‘product gas’.

One of the output gasses of InVesta is hydrogen. Another objective of the project is to deliver integrated solutions for the hydrogen chain for the transport sector.

As an international innovator, you will be able to present your solutions in bilateral matchmaking meetings with the representatives and challenge owners of the projects in Alkmaar and Hoogeveen.

Participating companies must cover their own travel and accommodation expenses.

For information? https://b2b-matchmaking-renewable-gas.b2match.io/ (soon to be updated) or send an e-mail to the project manager Waronne Sint: wsint@nhn.nl

This event is organized as part of the Interreg project Northern Connections. Northern Connections is a partnership of 21 clusters, cities, regions and knowledge institutions, where we work together to create innovation connections between our enterprises and clusters in the energy sector. The aim is to increase the innovation potential across borders. In the project we look into how we involve enterprises from different countries in our living labs – and we develop tools for our clusters so that they can provide the right support for the enterprises.

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