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Impact: "glossy" about the Region north of Amsterdam

Development Agency Noord-Holland Noord launches magazine about the region. The Region north of Amsterdam is hot. The region is rapidly developing into one of the world's most innovative economic regions. Large international companies such as Microsoft and Google choose to build their new data centres here, and the companies in Seed Valley play a leading role worldwide in the area of seed breeding. More than half of the world's food originates in northern North Holland. About time to showcase this success by way of the 'Impact' magazine.

The magazine came into being under the guidance of Development Agency Noord-Holland Noord, which supports the region's 18 municipalities. The aim of the magazine is to show the strength of the region that flourishes with a high knowledge, as well as physical and digital infrastructure.

Sustainable and innovative entrepreneurship is at the centre of virtually all stories. Companies from the region are also contributing to solving worldwide climate problems.

Important themes

The 18 municipalities have identified a number of main points which the region wishes to use to profile itself: AgriFood, Water, Energy and Tourism.

These themes play a central role in the Impact magazine, which shows which developments are taking place in the region north of Amsterdam.


Of course, the agrarian sector receives plenty of attention in the magazine, courtesy of interviews with Seedvalley, Amigo Plant, and Hortimare BV, among others. But there is a focus on energy as well, with contributions from Engie, the Energy & Health Campus, and Green Simplicity. Tourism has always played a large role in the region, and is represented in Impact as well. For example, the WestFries Museum provides insight into the Dutch Golden Age and offers many tips about special and interesting activities in the region north of Amsterdam.

For example, Hoogheemraadschap Holland Noorderkwartier (HHNK) demonstrates how important water management is in RnoA ('Region north of Amsterdam'). There are at least 220 polders, 5,000 water level markers, and more than 2,000 pumping stations in the region. The majority of those polders is below sea level. Attention is also given to the way in which water can play a role in the generation of energy.

Young talent

Young entrepreneurs from northern North Holland introduce themselves in Impact as well. Ted Braakman, for example, tells us about his company Hero Balancer. The Hoorn-based entrepreneur explains how, thanks to smart IT and collectivity, heating installations can save energy up to 40%.
Tommie Sjef from Wild Ales in Den Helder gives an explanation about the development of the beer brewery, which is already among the best breweries in the world. In addition to that, you can find interviews with young entrepreneurs Wessel van Paassen from Green Simplicity and Martijn Apeldoorn from Create.

Read the magazine online here