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KickStart Europe 2019 Outlook publication

KickStart Europe 2019 was a very successful edition with more than 650 visitors. Hereby the Dutch Datacenter Association publishes a report, the key growth indicators for the European data center, cloud and connectivity industries.

European digital infrastructure on track to double in size in the next 5 years

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) are the main drivers

The European digital infrastructure is on course to at least double in size within 5 years. Ever-increasing digitization and technical developments are fuelling this sharp growth.

This is one of the results of the Outlook 2019 report, presented today at the pan-European KickStart Europe conference.

Initiated by Digital Gateway to Europe with contributions from research partners PB7 and CBRE.

Developments that drive this growth include Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud and Internet of Things (IoT). The number of connected devices, the explosive growth in IP traffic and the ever-growing amount of data are increasing the demand for edge computing, larger data center hubs and hyperscalers.