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Emerging North Amsterdam Data Center Campus has major economic impact

90 percent of operational expenses are spent locally. The Amsterdam datacenter industry has grown on average 18% per year in recent years, and the industry is therefore looking beyond the city limits. Holland above Amsterdam has been discovered: at Agriport A7 in Middenmeer, a 30 minutes drive from Amsterdam, Google has now acquired a parcel in addition to Microsoft. Commissioned by the region, Digital Gateway to Europe calculated the impact of this North Amsterdam datacenter campus on the Dutch economy. And this impact is great; the total investment is already estimated at € 2 billion.

The Netherlands data center country

The Netherlands is the most connected country in the world and Amsterdam is an important international digital hub. Combined with a reliable and favorable energy network, all of this makes the Netherlands an ideal country for data centers. It explains why we are on our way to becoming the number 1 data hub in Europe. This growth is also noticeable in the Holland above Amsterdam region, where the North Amsterdam data center campus is being created.

Digital Gateway to Europe, in collaboration with research agency Pb7, has carried out research on the economic impact of data centers in the region on behalf of Ontwikkelingsbedrijf NHN, the municipality of Hollands Kroon and Agriport A7. The research shows that data centers produce a major economic spin-off. For direct and indirect employment and infrastructure, these developments put the region on the map nationally and internationally as an attractive business climate.

Investment of € 2 billion

"Our earlier studies have already shown that the economic impact of multi-tenant datacenters in the Netherlands is considerable," says Stijn Grove, director of Digital Gateway to Europe, "In total, Dutch data centers contribute € 941 million to GDP, and companies such as Microsoft and Google have not even been included in these studies yet. "

In the 'North Amsterdam Datacenter Campus' report, the current situation is assessed, and two additional growth scenarios have been developed. An analysis of the status quo shows that a total of € 2 billion is invested by Microsoft in North Amsterdam: to build a datacenter of such size, over a period of 7 years an average of 900 construction workers are busy every day, says the report.

The expectation is that 350 to 400 employees will be required to keep the data center operational afterwards. These jobs will mainly be filled in locally, and contain an interesting mix from catering and cleaning to engineers. If we delve deeper into the operating costs, personnel costs and the investments to run the data center, we see a strong local influence: more than 90% of the costs are spent locally. In addition, there are induced revenues for the region; all these non-Dutch employees will live and eat somewhere during their long stay in the Netherlands, which benefits local services. For example, the Hotel Van der Valk in Hoorn has been occupied for years with people working on the projects in Middenmeer.

Download the report - and the Dutch summary - here