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Technobis - Technology That is Changing the World

The Energy Innovation Park Alkmaar connects innovative entrepreneurs and businesses in the fields of traditional, green, and new energy. The park's fourteen hectares provide space to businesses and institutions that focus on scientific research and R&D and the businesses that keep everything running properly (maintenance, repair, and operations), as well as to businesses that create test arrangements and/or production lines for new technologies. The company Technobis was the first to move to the new Energy Innovation Park, in 2014.

"We are undergoing strong growth. That was the reason for looking for new commercial property in an attractive location. We were already familiar with the Regional Development Agency NHN because we'd had questions about financing in the past, so it was easy enough to get in touch with them. NHN had a crucial role and guided us through the whole process. They supported us by making the first contacts, purchasing the land, and finding backers. NHN understands our needs and our limitations, and they don't waste time on nonsense. Their involvement, knowledge, and network made it possible to bring together the right partners quickly and complete the construction of the new building in a very short time span."

Optical Chip for Space Travel

Technobis designs complex high-tech sensors for medical applications, aviation and space travel, nuclear reactors, and semiconductor machines. Recently, Technobis's director, Pim Kat, surprised Airbus with an optical chip that measures the strain on airplane parts. The chip is small enough to fit on a fingertip, and it is fifty times smaller and lighter than the boxes with optics that Technobis's competitors had come up with. Technobis is working on a similar chip for satellites, a revolutionary, entirely new technology. Technobis is the only company doing this on a commercial basis.

Anesthesia Without Side Effects

A different branch of the company develops medical and pharmaceutical instruments. One particularly revolutionary development is anesthesia equipment that uses xenon gas rather than nitrous oxide. Patients generally do not experience side effects from xenon gas. Hospitals are eager to put the equipment to use, and it is expected that it will drastically change the future of anesthesia. But first the equipment needs to be put into production. Pim Kat himself is also eager to see this happen soon. But the development process for an optical chip usually takes longer - sometimes even decades. If you want to change the world, you have to have a lot of patience.


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