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Franks International

The Dutch branch of the American family-owned company Frank's International is located in Den Helder, where it has grown into the company's global logistics center.

Frank's supplies drilling equipment for the oil and gas industry in more than eighty locations in forty countries. "From Den Helder, we don't just serve our European customers, but we also serve our customers in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and even South America," says manager Rolf Kampman. "In Den Helder we prepare, maintain, inspect, adapt, certify, and ship the equipment and materials needed at drilling locations. Our customers also send them back to Den Helder for repairs. The Dutch are very good at logistics; and our location couldn't be better. We're close to Schiphol Amsterdam Airport as well as the harbors of Den Helder, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Antwerp; and the Afsluitdijk causeway provides an easy route to Scandinavia. What's more, goods can be quickly cleared through customs."

Den Helder is now the global logistic headquarters for Frank's International. "I'm proud that we have created such a beautiful business here in Den Helder, where the breadwinners for 75 families are employed. And I'm also proud of the fact that some of the Dutch young people we've trained are now managers in places like Africa. That's proof that we're doing good things! But we're not done yet. We can already see that we'll run out of space next year. Our ambition is to construct another building here. The Regional Development Agency NHN and the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) are acting as intermediaries for our management board."