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Port of Den Helder, Opportunities for expansion

The international seaport of Den Helder offers a wealth of space and possibilities. It is the home base for a growing number of offshore-related businesses, and homeport for the fleet of the Royal Dutch Navy, as well as a large fishing fleet and a modern fish auction. The extremely favourable geographical location offers a wide range of possibilities for (water-related) businesses. The broad selection of civilian and maritime enterprises means the location offers more than merely business opportunities. Knowledge institutes, research organisations and education centres have all found their way to Den Helder.

Civilian-military cooperation

Knowledge sharing and the exchange of services and infrastructure: anything is possible in the seaport, partly thanks to the excellent coorperation with the Royal Dutch Navy. Quaysides, knowledge and facilities have all been made available for civilian parties. The joint use of the infrastructure and the Naval quaysides operated by civilian companies guarantees hugely-extended port capacity. This in turn offers business more space to do business. In addition, the maintenance and logistic services for high-end, high-tech (maritime) systems delivers added value for all the facilities required for the offshore and civilian sector.

Applied knowledge

Development of the business in the port and of the port itself go closely hand in hand with the presence and development of the related knowledge industry. Taking Den Helder as their base of operations, international knowledge institutes including TNO, IMARES, WMC, NIOZ, KIM (Netherlands Defence Academy) and ECN undertake applied research into a raft of innovations in the field of renewable energy generation at sea.


Port of Den Helder
Port of Den Helder
Port of Den Helder