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Energy Innovation Park

Energy Innovation Park offers companies active in the traditional, green and other innovative energy sectors the space to grow. Those who establish themselves at this well-equipped site near the highway A9 can capitalize directly from the economic spin-off of Gas Storage Bergermeer, a multi-million Euro project in the Alkmaar region where the gas treatment facility resides at the Park. The cross-fertilization between small and medium-sized companies and international players from the energy sector offer a range of synergies and is the place to turn innovative ideas into commercial products.

Excellent for energy business

Energy Innovation Park offers an excellent energy infrastructure for high quality heat supply, connection to the national gas network and power grid (150 kV). In addition, the ideal location in North Holland between the ports of Amsterdam, IJmuiden and Den Helder, provides a perfect setting for companies active in the energy sector.

Breeding ground for innovation

Energy Innovation Park offers start-up projects and companies the possibility to test their innovations in an area with parties who are open to sharing knowledge.

The unique features of Energy Innovation Park at a glance:

  1. Flexible choice of space available from 2,000 – 27,000 m2
  2. Competitive rates
  3. Ideally suited for companies from the energy sector
  4. Fast time-to-market
  5. Infrastructure for high value heat supply, connection to a national gas network and power grid (150 kV)
  6. Direct connection to the highway A9
  7. Fast-growing, internationally-oriented environment
  8. Bundling of breakthrough technology and expertise in the area of green and innovative energy forms.


Boekelermeer Alkmaar
TAQA Alkmaar
Pim Kat - Technobis, first company on Energy Innovation Park